Edgar Ullrich

Ullrich designed many homes throughout La Jolla and San Diego in a 30 year career. His attention to detail-the random tile roofing with noticeable mortar, distinctive chimneys, grilled windows, wooden shutters with pegs-is apparent on many Hermosa homes. Examples of his work and their original owners include the Turnbull home, 62 10 Avenida Cresta; the Rubicarn home, 203 Via Del Norte; the Gorton home, 6109 Avenida Cresta; the Jackson home, 6025 Camino De La Costa; the Atkinson home, 6101 Via De La Mesa; the Hayes home, 6045 Waverly.
Ullrich also designed six churches in the La Jolla and San Diego area. These included the St. Charles Borromeo and Holy Family Church. The University of San Diego contains five Ullrich designs.